Art Thieves On the Net BEWARE!

I was a victim of art thievery for the first time this year in February 09. The thief portrayed himself as a promotional photo/stage artist for Readers Digest's new magazine Fresh Home. He needed the art right away during photo week in New York. I was to send the art, they'd add it to some modern room set ups and then send the mobile back when done. He said it would have good placement in the magazine and tons of people seeing my work would be great exposure. He even had pdf examples of the page. I had two other photo shoots that week, no problem. I sent his request. A week later I tried emailing, calling.... nothing. My other photo shoot items got bought buy the requesters, which is great. But, this Reader's Digest fako never returned my $325 mobile. I then looked up his name, and it was all over the internet, ART THIEF! Not only me, but lots of other artists had done the exact same thing I did. And were very upset, just like me. On facebook, I told my story of the stolen mobile, how the NY DA could not help, the guy was already in jail. I get a phone call out of the blue in July, it is the thief's wife. She says she has my mobile, but doesn't want to get involved. I asked why she would call, she said she was getting a divorce and even her jewelry was being stolen by her husband and sold behind her back. I guess I was to feel sorry or something. I again tell the story on Facebook, how strange this whole thing is. I ask everyone, "Does anyone know someone in NY that could get my mobile back for me?". One of my husband's good buddies from childhood, says... I know someone.... I'll ask. His friend says sure. I tell him the name and address, and ....THIS GUY KNOWS the thief's wife! Small world. A long story cut short ... I got the mobile back... in great shape. Note: don't trust everyone that writes or calls for free requests. Nothing is free.

The mobile is back! I haven't decided to sell it..., sentimental reasons now!! It has with a story!

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