Organic Art Garden Circles

Making Organic Garden Circles
By Julie Frith

Here is a quick easy way to make a modern circle shape garden.
You could almost even call these crop circles!! lol....

First buy a 6"wide by 25' length black plastic garden border... like at Ace Hardware. It should come with a connector rod. You will also need 8 bags of 2 cubic foot bags... organic planting mix.

Find in your yard where you want your circle garden to be. Place the border down and connect the ends. It comes scrolled you may need to unroll flat first. See in the photos... you will need to dig all around the circle to about 6" down. Make sure you line up any sprinkler system or pipes/ electrical before digging.

Make sure it is level with the yard. Then you will need to dig out the center yard of the circle. Replace some to pack the circle outer edging of the border. Then put the excess dirt for fill in your recycling bin or side gardens. The center then gets filled with the organic mix, you can add 1/2 organic manure supreme mix as well. This should fill the entire circle. I got organic vegi starts and placed in the new dirt, aligning them like a clock, very evenly around the circle. Taller plants in the middle. I have animal problems where I live, who like to dig up plants.... so I put down chicken wire (galvanized - won't rust). And tucked it into the edge of the border ring, holding the wire down with wood posts. The wire also seems to keep away slugs! Yeah! Then cut the wire where the plants go with scissors.

Add some stepping stones.... Voila.. you're done!

Then all you are to do is plant, water, wait and watch grow.... then EAT,
every day... right from your own garden circle.

Keeping the separation from grass to garden keeps the slugs and bugs away.
Make sure you water! Once in the morning and once at night.

My cat loves the circle gardens, so warm. The galvanized
netting mesh keeps her from digging up the dirt.

Lush herbs and lettuce grows just fast enough for you to eat from all summer long.


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