Four Houses TV Show showing Frithmobiles Jujumo Mobile

Mobius Mobile by Julie Frith

Modernist Metal Mobile and Music by Julie Frith

Multius Metal Mobile and Music by Julie Frith

Frith Mobile in Elle Magazine Oct. 2013

Ever wonder where magazines get their art?

Well, there are people that work with clients, and photographers like set designers and film directors.
They set the stage for the fashion models working with clients selling fashion.

Elle photographers asked me for my XL Lustron mobile and I sent it to them.  Simple as that.  Then, after they were done shooting the photos, they shipped the mobile back to me.

They said, it made it in the October issue.... so here are the photos!!
You can see by the style of the clothing, the hair and accessories, even the furniture was all about art.
Modern art, that is, different yet very tasteful in a bizarre way.
My Lustron mobile fit perfect in the background.

Interior Design Magazine - June 2012

Peeking through the glass is Julie Frith's Megamo mobile, 14' x 10'.

Above are photos of the June issue of Interior Design Magazine.
An article on Kids II new interiors by the Design Atelier and Joel Laseter Architect.

Breaking Bad TV 5th season... WATCH for mobile!!

This 5th season of the show Breaking Bad will feature a modern architecturally designed home, with one of my custom mobiles. It is 66"wide by 72 "high, red and black called Mobius II. Here is a photo of the mobile. So watch for it coming soon to a TV near you!!!!

"Mobiles & Stabiles" book by Julie Frith

This is a brand new book by Julie Frith. A collection of photos of her mobiles and stabiles she has made from 1998-2011. It is a small 7x7 colorful collection, 120 pages filled with over 200 original designs all wonderfully titled. A must for the the art collector, interior designer, architect, or just a great gift. A softback book with pro paper, and fantastic photography. Here are a sample of a few pages.

To buy go to and look up "frithmobiles" after Feb. 20th, or go to to purchase today. Takes a few weeks to get. $45.99

Stable Stabile Sits On The Table

Stable stabile sits on the table,
turning it's petals all day.
Quietly it rests, at peace with the world,
until someone walks by it's way.

The petals go round and round,
as huff and a puff blows them turning again.
Finally the stabile sits, heavy holds the bass,
solid and firm the petals soon come to place.

Am I a mobile, am I a stabile?
The wonder of it's being or not.
The stable little stabile sits quietly
on the table pondering all it's thought.

- poem by Julie Frith

Here are a few one of a kind stabiles I have made, some are sold, some not yet. I really feel modern art as a stabile stands alone, strong with 3 diminutional power. HA! No..... really I just like them.

They may be small in size, but I imagine them large like Calder's big stabiles in Europe.

If you'd like to buy any... let me know. Here is my website:

Raise the Ceiling! Hang a Mobile!

You know with all this talk about raising the (debt) ceiling, why not! While we are at it, with this new venture (paying bills) ... let's consider the possibilities of what we would do with this new available space (NASA). I suggest... hang a mobile. Lot's of hot air (government talk) makes good movement (peace talks) of air currents (clean air act), which would turn the mobile naturally (gullible warming).

Here are a few photos of inspiration.

To see more "High Flying Art" for empty ceilings.... come to!


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