True MOBILE Blogging

Photo above is a collection of mobiles and stabiles I (Julie Frith) make. In this blog post, I wanted to talk a bit about my work. I read all kinds of blogs and alot are just repeats of other blogs. I wanted to do something different. On my blog I wanted to show a variety of mobiles and stabile photos that I normally would not have on my website...because I can't show them all (too many). Every one I make is an original from a main base design. I use templates to match, everything is measured and cut by hand, so this gives it originality and uniqueness... making all my work indiviual art pieces. All are handsigned dated and stamped...just the future you may want to know who made your mobile, then can't read the signature! So the stamp says "handmade by Julie Frith". I think this is very helpful. Here are some extra photos, you wouldn't find on my site: The Eliptusmobius mobile with its flat horizontal petals for underneath views and vertical petals to catch the wind, makes this a great baby mobile.
Mobius mobile comes in a large variety of sizes, from 20"high to 8 feet tall! The larger the mobile the heavier gage stainless steel bars!


Modern Art Mobiles