Unique Baby Mobiles for Modern Parents

Mobius mobile by Julie Frith is in all white to accent the white frames and white crib. It will entertain the baby as she/he sleeps and comes awake. The mobile moves with the slightest of air currents, and will calm and dazzle the babies eyes for hours. Make sure to move the mobile up and out of the babies reach as she/he grows older. But don't remove the mobile form the babies room, this is a part of the child's upbringing and your kid will be attached to it forever remembering his childhood as she/he grows up. They can even take their mobile with them to college, then give it to their child etc. Forever art, that will be in the family heirloom for generations to come.

This is an Eliptusmobius mobile by Julie Frith which matches the rooms decor, the bedding in orange, creams, browns, tans and white. Color coordinating the mobile can be so easy. Just tell the artist making the mobile the colors, and she can make a few color mockups for you to choose from.

Stark and clean and modern.

The combination of the Modernist and the Eliptusmobius mobiles work well together. This nursery has two one from their first baby and the second from their latest baby. Each child has their own. As they grow up they will share their room and their art. Make sure to have the art certificates made out to the child's name.

For more information on baby mobiles see: www.frithmobiles.com


Modern Art Mobiles