Large Art for Large Spaces

Large mobiles fill empty spaces with movement and art. This type of art is light in weight and easy to hang, no assembly needed. Mobiles are relaxing to watch move, so if you are designing; say a skylight in a waiting room, this would be the perfect thing to add. Neater than magazines and cleaner than an aquarium! Hang a mobile above a stairwell, as you walk down the stairs the petals float above you... just don't trip with as you are messmerized by the mobile!!! They capture your attention and will cause you to relax and smile. So think of adding a mobile to your next room design.

Steel Meets Plastic

Steel and Petals mobile by Julie Frith is a beatiful example of a Calder "styled" mobile. It definitely is NOT a Calder, but has the artistic look and flavor of a Calder. The plastic petals remind me of organic shapes, like tree branches in the wind. This mobile turns moving separately the arms one after the other. For more information on the sizes, and custom colors go to: Mobiles by Julie Frith

Art Mobiles - Connections

Everything you need to know about mobile art. Where the word even came from! Links to mobile artists and websites galore! Ever want to know how to exactly say the word "mobile"? How to make a mobile? How about where the term "mobile" came from. Check out this site, it has a lot of mobile links and information.

soozs: How to make a felt and wire mobile

soozs: How to make a felt and wire mobile

Food Art!

"Can you give me a hand out? I need some bread, man".

Should we eat the art, or just look at it? Eat what you are, you are what you eat? These are just some fun ideas I got in an email, don't know who did them if you do let us all know, but they are very creative. Thought I'd share.

Modern Art Mobiles