Happy New Year!

Out of this World, cool!

A new mobile for 2009, called "8 Planets". I wanted a modern planet mobile design different than any out available today. The planets are various in sizes from 3/4" to 1.5" and they glow great in the dark all night long. They are full colored 3D plastic, and OUT of This World... cool. It is 40" wide by 18" high stianless steel bars. Very kinetic in nature, one planet arm moves, the next moves and so on. There is a great video on YouTube (below). Write me and let me know if you like it! I can custom design this to be longer, shorter, wider... you tell me, and I will make it just for you. Perfect for the newborn, kids room, classroom, school library... a waiting room, doctors office... I could go on and on. only $120!
contact me: frithmobiles@gmail.com

Metal vs Plastic Mobiles

Hi I am trying metal petals and actually liking the easiness of cutting the shapes. For years, I thought cutting metal would mean you need a blow torch, goggles and heavy shears. But I got thin aluminum, which holds its firmness quite well, I was surprised! So here are a few new pieces I did with aluminum sheet metal. A new stabile I just love called "Alloyd" how it is a combination (or mixture of alloyed and Frank Lloyd!) of plastic and metals. The sturdy solid plastic colored base can be colorized and is fun to look at the color possibilities. I wanted to keep the petals a brushed metal to reflect light and flutter in the wind. Let me know what you think. For more info: Mobiles by Julie Frith

Modern Art Mobiles