Stable Stabile Sits On The Table

Stable stabile sits on the table,
turning it's petals all day.
Quietly it rests, at peace with the world,
until someone walks by it's way.

The petals go round and round,
as huff and a puff blows them turning again.
Finally the stabile sits, heavy holds the bass,
solid and firm the petals soon come to place.

Am I a mobile, am I a stabile?
The wonder of it's being or not.
The stable little stabile sits quietly
on the table pondering all it's thought.

- poem by Julie Frith

Here are a few one of a kind stabiles I have made, some are sold, some not yet. I really feel modern art as a stabile stands alone, strong with 3 diminutional power. HA! No..... really I just like them.

They may be small in size, but I imagine them large like Calder's big stabiles in Europe.

If you'd like to buy any... let me know. Here is my website:


Modern Art Mobiles