Modern Art Baby Mobiles

Modern art for babies? What kind of baby would be interested in modern art, they are way too young. Mobiles you say? Oh, then that's something babies love! There are so many mobiles, musical, moving, wiggling, fuzzy, cute... but modern art? That's a whole noth'a level!! Alexander Calder in the 50's designed some pretty unique mobiles, then others took off the ideas of this new style medium of creating. I, Julie Frith was one of them!! Seeing Calder mobiles in art museums always fascinated me, I would look and blow at them (the guards say not to blow). And watch them slowly move, petal by petal, turning so gently. They made me smile.
Mobius mobile in a nursery.
This is the reason why babies like them too, they move so slowly, and it is not crazy fast, but they do change with just the slightest of air movement. Children also get attached to their belongings as a youngster... and even to their baby mobile! They will not want to get rid of their mobile. So why not a modern art mobile! As the kid grows up... he/she will love the mobile and be reminded of the early beginnings of life and how it made them smile. Modern art mobiles for babies and their lives. For more on Julie Frith... see: and I would love to make a mobile just for your new baby.

Piccomo mobile below was named one of the best new baby mobiles 2008-9. Reviewed by Parents, Cookie, and in Dwell.
Baby mobiles are a dime a dozen, but some end up costing quite a penny. Don't bother buying something cheap, it will just be tossed in the recycling or garbage. A well made mobile should last almost forever. There is no reason it shouldn't, unless it is out of style, outgrown, or fallen apart. My art mobiles last forever, will always be in style, and I even have them hanging outside, very durable, but pricey some say. But I feel something well made is worth every penny. You and your baby will be smiling.


Modern Art Mobiles