Hanging Mobile Art - Mazatlán Mexico

A fantastic place, Mazatlán must be to have such a modern building, right on the beach. AND of course the mobile is one of mine, lol.... called Megamo...it looks fantastic to don't you think?

My house where I make all my mobiles the ceilings only go 8 feet. I never get to see my mobiles in their full glory until the client sends me a photo. I got to tell you... I am impressed, I know I know, ego ego blah blah blah, but it looks great. The same as if I were my client who designed and made this building, I would be quite oh so proud. Beautiful place. Love the palm tree in the middle!

For more information on ordering YOUR own 8' Megamo mobile, go to my website.

Something a little different

GuyPod Stabile by Julie Frith
For those of us who like art ... like to buy art. When shopping around, we try to buy things that represent ourselves ... but just in a different form. Well this piece has a bit of me in it. This stabile is called GuyPod (I know, I know...I am not a guy), maybe because of its dangles (HA!)? I think it is because, my last stabile I designed was called WiseGuy. So I was getting kind of a theme going here...¿
WiseGuy Stabile by Julie Frith See... a theme. But this guy's a thinker! Lots of thoughts going around in his head. I have fun creating all these art pieces, I hope it shows. For more information visit my website: Mobiles by Julie Frith

Mobiles Calendar 2009!

A beautiful wall calendar of mobile and stabile sculptures by Julie Frith. My very first calendar, and I want to do more.... it turned out fantastic! So order yours today, and get a few or more for gifts, for your office, kitchen, work room, studio, shop, gallery, you name it.... Order Here

Modern Art for Babies

Decorate your little boys nursery in neutral colors, add some art for inspiration. Shown is a mobile called Silhouette, from small to large circular shapes, it flows well in the corner reflecting the shapes of the modern art on the wall. See more photos here: Clients Photos

Sidewalk Art

Pastels On the Plaza 2008. I decided to draw a square, after walking around and seeing a few empty squares. I had an hour and a half to burn, so why not do it. The coordinator was still there, so I asked to jump in, since I was an artist...you can draw for free. So she gave me two boxes of pastels, and I used every bit, rubbing the crumbs into the concrete. The first red petal was one stick! Theme.... well, I am always thinking of mobiles .... :)



Modern Art Mobiles