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Mobiles for home, office, baby and business. Hang a mobile and watch it turn. They are beautiful and relaxing. Fill your empty high spaces with art. Alexander Calder started this style of art in the early 50's and now his mobiles sell for $10,000! As most artist adventure and discover their talents, I too have found what I like to do.... make mobiles! They are colorful, they add dimension to your room, floating sculpture that moves on it's own. How fantastic!

Best Baby Mobiles 2010

"Eliptusmobius" is 20"w x13"h, has petals for underneath viewing $135. The delicate balanced petals are so beautiful, blowing and watching them move is a wonder. Children that have mobiles near their bed or crib are known to be calmer, sleep better and have a wider imagination than those babies in a blank environment. Stimulation is the key, and a mobile not only activates the child's eyes, but stirs the brain to have more creativity, imagination, possibilities of science, balance and nature.

"Neptune" Foamobile is 26"w x 10"h, lightweight, moves at the slightest wind and very entertaining to a young child's eyes. Great price too $100

"Modernist" mobile is 30"w x 13"h a fantastic mobile for movement, turns from many pivot points to always show various balance configurations. $150

Art for a baby's mind stimulates activity of the eyes and brain, peacefully calming him or her to sleep. An art mobile goes beyond the nursery... right with them to college! A lasting connection from their childhood they will always cherish.

"Bluefish" mobile 20"w x 13"h, a traditional fish design with custom colors to match any room.

"Planets" mobile that does not (or does) have the planet Pluto. 37"w x16"h a glow in the dark mobile that is just fantastic, recommended for ALL ages!

Safety Note: Always hang mobiles out of child's reach.


These are my top 5 picks for the best baby mobiles of 2010. So many mobiles these days it is very difficult finding the perfect one. I chose to show art mobiles compared to clamp on musical or puffy type mobiles. Those only last for the first year or so. I like to buy items for my child that I know will grow with the kid and that they will enjoy viewing forever. Art becomes a part of the child's room, then as the child grows up not only will they love art, but share with others their upbringing.


Art Mobiles - Connection

Art Mobiles - Connection

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