Balancing a Mobile

Learn to balance a mobile, with this interactive NGA program for students and teachers. Add weight to a bar, then add another, see what happens when you change their size! Everything is balanced by the other side. Add different shapes, and change their colors. A fun site for learning the art of balancing a mobile.

Make your own Mobile!

Watch the virtual mobile change and grow as you add branches, shapes, and colors. Adjust the orbit speed and make the pieces spin. See how the mobile casts shadows on the wall, then change your point of view and watch it create spirographic patterns as it moves through space.

National Gallery of Art NGA Kids a great site for all ages! Watch a Flash video showing one of Calder's mobiles and it's shadows.

Alexander Calder, Cascading Flowere 1949 painted metal, painted wire, and wire 221 x 243.8cm (87"x96")

Art Mobiles - Connection

Art Mobiles - Connection

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Coffee, Computers and a Mobile

Starbucks St.Louis, MO - Olive and Craig - a 12' custom mobile made by Julie Frith
Photo by Chrisopher Vaught

I never thought drinking coffee would be so popular that there would be a coffeeshop on every corner of town? Well it has! Starbucks and mom and pop shops are everywhere! They've made it so comfortable inside, they even have free wifi for laptop users to browse the internet while sipping their coffee. Adding more pleasure to the atmosphere ambiance, the shops have added cool lighing, modern designed interiors, comfy furniture and best of all... ART! WOW! Drink up, hook up, and dream away!


Modern Art Mobiles