The Multius Hanging Art Mobile

This beautiful mobile is called "Multius" by Julie Frith. It comes in various sizes, from small to XX large. The Multius has been chosen by a variety of buyers; parents picking this mobile design for their new baby's nursery, architects filling a large open space, interior designers matching shapes and colors to their clients' homes, gardeners choosing an 8' Multius mobile for their outdoor courtyard.

All around the world this design is hanging, moving in the breeze dazzling people's eyes. Organic shapes, all interconnected moving one petal, which then moves the next and that moves another.

As an art form, kinetic hanging mobiles have been around for 80 years now. Alexander Calder is credited with creating the first mobiles and stabiles, and is still considered a leader in the medium. For more information on the Multius mobile see Mobiles by Julie Frith. Website:


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