Mobius Mobile

The perfect mobile? Maybe. It has beautiful shaped petals, holes making for interesting designed shadows, it moves gently with the softest of air currents. And babies love it! One client said she got the typical stuffed baby mobile that hooked to the crib, with a windup music for her baby. She also hung this Mobius mobile in the corner of the room so that the baby could see it too. She found out her child after 6 months dropped interest in the stuffed, and still loved looking at the Mobius mobile. She would blow at it, and it made him laugh with amazement and he would smile. Even now as an adult, a mobile would be fun to look at. As this child grows up, his mobile will too... right along with him. He can even take his mobile with him to college, as it will remind him he is loved, and his mobile will make him laugh and smile. For more sizes and info on this mobile: Go Here.

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