Office Art

Decorating an office IS a big deal. So many ideas, which colors, which chair, which desk? Now once you have decided that, you might want to go to the next step. Office art. I am presenting these idea of hanging a mobile or a table top stabile to offices of many kinds, from cubicles to home offices, to private business offices, home workstations, to meeting rooms, lunch rooms, to receptionist spaces.
See below ideas that will bring a new light to the area you spend most of your day.

Many styles, and many kinds of offices. Some offices are separtate and large, some are cubicles in a huge room of hundreds of other cubicles. How to make your space individually different from the rest is like painting your house purple in a row of all white houses. It is fun to stand out and be different. Or maybe you need to spuce it up a bit... so add some art! A hanging mobile in a very sterile inviroment is perfect. They are quiet, clean and best of all entertaining to calm you from all your stress at work. Just like babies, adults get tense from new situations they are not used to... a mobile calms a baby, a mobile will calm you, your workers, your boss, your office area, lunch room, meeting room and even at the reception desk. Art in the workplace is a great idea, pass it around see what other employees have to say. I bet they'll say... great idea!

For lots of mobiles and stabile ideas see my Mobile website:

Modern Art Mobiles