Interior Designers Wanted

In order to spread cool ideas around, someone has to start with saying "That is a great idea!". Well, here is a great idea. To all interior designers, when making plans to renovate, update or improve a client's home or business, think of adding a mobile to the upper skylights, in an empty corner, above a stairwell, or out in a garden a large stabile.
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Mobiles are great for a spice of something retro. They are fun and colorful, adding movement to a large open space. Petals turn from the natural light that heats the room. A definite necessity to a baby's nursery room. If you are designing a modern bright colored entertainment room, add a mobile!

Big or small, Mobiles by Julie Frith can custom color, size and design a mobile or stabile that will please you and your client.

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Modern Art Mobiles